Budapest which is divided by the Danube River is one of the most spectacular spot in the world.

Food & Drinks in Budapest



The city is filled with lots of restaurants. Most of them are cheaper than Western Europe. You can usually eat here at any time. Sometimes, the tip is demanded from the foreign customers. It is normally 10% but sometimes it is 15%. Do not leave the tip on the table as it is included in the Bill. 



Cafes & Bars:

Budapest has countless soroző (beer bars) and borozo (wine bars). These facilities are generally located in the basement. In the borozo, the boy draws with a ladle (different sizes) in vats wine aluminium - one for white, one for red, etc. To drink more and longer, many consumers cut their wine with lemonade. It is in these bistros that employees have a drink before or after the work.


During the Communist era, the soroző and the borozo were spaces of freedom, hidden from prying eyes and to remake the world around a glass. Some Hungarians regret that these obscure bars tend to give way to cafes and bars in the West.


Cafe Day:

There are variety of cafes and bars in Budapest. Cafe Day is a small cafe-tea room where you can enjoy a good espresso with large lounge bar with trendy design. 



Outdoor Bars:

This type of bars are open only in summers. These bars are very nice where you can enjoy in shady garden.


Squat Bars:

These are often old warehouses, abandoned public buildings, properties of the Communist era or simple buildings that are transformed into bars. Some property dealers and developers also give buildings under renovation or demolition on rent for using these places for party.


Between April and October, various companies organized a pub worthy of the great Anglo-Saxon sprees crawls. At least four trendy bars with another pint of beer or shot of palinka included in the price. Contact at Budapest Bikes or Absolute Walking Tours. 



Where to eat delicious cakes?

Budapest has many types of cake shops where you can eat delicious cakes. Here cafe's are cake shops, where you can choose from a wide range of home-made Hungarian cakes and pastries, take you time and choose what you want to taste, but all of them are just mouth watering.



Few cake shops such as Ruszwurm and Auguszt have been owned by the same family since nineteenth century.  These are the best shops in Budapest

Budapest has so much to offer in terms of food. No doubt, food lovers gonna love this city. To enjoy more, try a new place every time you eat.

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